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Armsan Shooting Authority

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Armsan is Turkey’s one of the leading industrial companies in hunting, shooting and defence sector. It ranks among the top three players in the Turkish firearm industry. Armsan is well positioned at the international level, and has a strong presence in the hunting sector.

With a total work force of 170 employees and with its modern and technological manufacturing plant, Armsan manufactures gas operated Semi-Automatic shotguns and Pump Action shotguns. A612, A620, CRE8, P612, ARMTAC, and PHENOMA series are examples of the models that Armsan produces . In the midterm, Armsan is getting ready to launch rifle models next to its smooth bore shotgun lines in order to offer a richer variety for hunters. Being established in 2006, Armsan’s international presence has grown constantly in the recent years.



We are a team that is fully focused on standards of product safety, quality, value and constant improvement through partnerships of employees, customers and our suppliers. Customer satisfaction ranks our top priority.

We believe that we know what an enthusiast wants from his gun, and we are commited to meet his expectations by delivering the highest value to our customers with best price-quality correlation to the best perfomance and features.



To continue growth and expand Armsan all around the world while innovating new production lines for the handgun and rifle markets. Competetively delivering the best quality, Armsan aims to become one of the top ten chief manufacturers in the World Hunting and Sporting Firearm Sector.



Video courtesy of (http://bit.ly/1QQLsh0)