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Romania, 14th May 2014.  BTI Defence is attending this year’s BSDA (Black Sea Defence & Aerospace) exhibition in Bucharest.  This is the fist time a BTI delegation attends an exhibition in Eastern Europe.  It is a great opportunity for the company to visit what is one of the most active regions in the area of defence and security.  BTI is using the opportunity to catch up with its suppliers as well as look at the recent technological developments from the region.

BSDA is an International Tri-Service Defence Exhibition and Conference dedicated to Defense, Aerospace, Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Safety & Security.  It is supported by and held at ROMAERO, Bucharest. BSDA is one of the few NATO endorsed military, law enforcement and security exhibitions in the region.

This is the 5th edition of the Exhibition and is expected to be the biggest to date and will be attended by several well know internationally recognized companies from the US, France and UK.