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Cheap sunglasses lyrics, Buy Lyrica canada pharmacy

BYFIELD OPTICS™ Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company.
The team at Byfield Optics has an extensive military background with 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of lenses and frames. Byfield specialises in custom-made eye protection that incorporates maximum strength UV lenses that are certified ANSI Z87 1-2003, US MIL-PRF-31013 and US MIL DTL 43511D ballistic protocols (goggles).

Byfield Optics Ballistic Eyewear

To achieve this Byfield use only the latest technology and the highest quality materials available on the market. Carl Zeiss Vision manufactures our unique proprietary multilayered lenses for our sunglass range; offering advanced optical, anti-fog, UV and Polarised, Ballistic protection, while our frames are handmade and incorporate a Swiss manufactured TR90 core that is heat bonded, then encased within our unique “Liquid Armour”™ creating an anti-fracture frame system.


  • Superior impact resistance of up to 6 times the strength of regular impact lenses
  • Proprietary 2.2 mm, 8 base layered polarised ballistic polycarbonate lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Certified AS/NS 1337.1.2010 & ANSI Z87 1-2003 and EN 166 compliant
  • Certified US MIL-PRF-31013
  • 100% UV protection


  • Specifically designed to provide maximum face protection and comfort
  • Light weight, heat bonded TR90 core designed not to splinter under extreme stress or impact conditions
  • Encased in our new Liquid Armour™ for superior, strength, fit and feel
  • Embedded titanium hinge pin within frame for maximum safety100% UV protection



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