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► A2

Order generic Lyrica online - Buy Lyrica 75 mg online

The A2 was designed to be the workhorse of your tandem operation.

It is the tandem canopy you have been looking for but could never find, until now.

The A2 is an elliptical 9-cell canopy, built completely from ZP fabric to maintain consistent performance. Its airfoil and moderate planform factor guarantee superb handling characteristics, to minimize the workload of tandem masters. Not only will they find the toggle pressure, turn response and flare power they have been seeking, but they will be pleasantly surprised by the soft on-heading openings. The turn recovery and ability to slow the canopy in no wind conditions are additional features that will be greatly appreciated by all tandem masters. The A2 is equipped with Spectra suspension lines which make for considerably less bulk and a more compact container on their back.

Because of their lower weight the Spectra lines also reduce the risk of line dump and subsequent premature opening of the deployment bag, a significant cause of malfunctions.

We have designed this canopy to maximize safety, but at the same time we made it an economical tool that will maximize the number of jumps per day. To reduce packing time we chose a hybrid construction and we added color coded line attachments. To reduce air time we built a wing that will fly slowly in brakes, but gives you a significantly higher rate of descent when flown at full glide.

The A2 comes standard with Spectra 1500 lines, a slider with “super lightweight” stainless steel grommets, and #6 stainless steel rapide links. Naturally the A2 is compatible with all tandem harness-container systems on the market today.

If durability, flight characteristics, and efficiency are important, while maximizing tandem safety and enjoyment, the A2 can offer an unbeatable combination. All of this coupled with the world’s most stringent quality control standards (ISO 9001) and an unparalleled investment value in a tandem canopy.

Available sizes: 330, 350, 370, and 389 sq ft.

Copy courtesy of (http://bit.ly/23VmuTV)