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S-70 – SeaHawk Mission Processor Software Development
► S-70 – SMPSD
► CODE: S-70_smpsd

Buy Pregabalin online usa, Purchase Lyrica from canada

Mission Processor Software displays the tactical picture on the Multi Functional Displays to the pilot and the Tactical Sensor Operator by collecting information from the configured sensors on Sikorsky S-70B Helicopter such as radar, ESM, FLIR and sonar. Pilot can then use the defense systems, which may be configured in several combinations of torpedoes and missiles, as well as chaff/flare against the airborne, surface or subsurface targets. The software also aids pilot on how to use the selected weapon effectively.


The mission computer software includes the following functions and controls:

  • Navigation
  • Guidance
  • Communications and Radios
  • Mission Sensor Control and Display
  • System Status, Test, and Monitoring
  • Tactical Data Management
  • Tactical Display Generation
  • 1553B and ARINC 429 I/O


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