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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. is a global player in the field of integrated energy solutions, specializing in the development, production and marketing of batteries and energy storage systems for industrial, advanced technology and consumer applications. In its 3rd decade of sustained growth, the company today ranks among the world’s top providers of energy storage solutions.

As a member of a strong and developing business ecosystem, SUNLIGHT relies on its modern infrastructure, continuous innovation and its passion for excellence, to develop and supply reliable energy solutions. SUNLIGHT’s passionate and experienced people are a key driver of the company’s success. Therefore, SUNLIGHT strongly supports the constant training and professional development of its employees and ensures a healthy and constructive business environment.

At the core of the company’s growth lies its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Northern Greece, covering an area of 142,000m². The company has consistently invested in developing one of the most advanced industrial plants in Europe, running highly specialized production and assembly lines. The plant is fully compliant with the strictest international standards and is certified for Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental management systems. Respect towards the environment is an integral part of SUNLIGHT’s corporate philosophy and culture. This principle inspires the company’s strategy and is reflected in its daily operations and practices.

The systematic application of advanced quality assurance systems and procedures throughout the production process, in combination with advanced engineering and cutting edge equipment, enable SUNLIGHT to maximize productivity and ensure the supply of high quality products to its customers worldwide. These products are developed by SUNLIGHT’s R&D team which constantly designs and evaluates new innovative solutions to better meet market needs based on the latest technological trends, industry developments and market feedback.

Adopting a proactive, customer-centric strategy, SUNLIGHT capitalizes on its flexible and lean organizational structure to meet and even anticipate customer needs and expectations, offering them ‘peace-of-mind’. The company develops customized turnkey energy storage solutions within short time frames and provides tailored support to address specific requirements.

Headquartered in Greece, SUNLIGHT has developed a robust worldwide sales and partners network. The company’s consistent global outlook has made it a major international player in the energy storage sector with 98% of its production exported to more than 100 countries.

Working closely with experienced and dynamic partners, the company has been very successful in expanding globally while implementing a solution-based approach locally, by carefully identifying and promptly responding to specific customer needs.

SUNLIGHT’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistics, Leisure & Mobility, Transportation, IT, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Power Production and Distribution, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Defense as well as Consumer products.

Based on its customer-oriented approach, manufacturing excellence, competitive and reliable solutions and extensive partners network, SUNLIGHT will continue to grow and strengthen its leading position as the preferred provider of energy storage systems worldwide.




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