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Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

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Truvelo was established in 1966 and patented a piezo sensor application, for accurate speed measurement. Hence the name: Truvelo —— True-Velocity.

The business is situated in Midrand. The property houses a modern factory, a laboratory and an office facility with a staff-compliment of just fewer than 60 people.

The engineers and trained technical teams at Truvelo design, develop, manufacture, install and service traffic law enforcement systems, traffic data gathering and analyzing instrumentation and weigh-in-motion equipment.

Truvelo has sold over 600 Combi wet-film systems, 750 permanent sites installed, over 700 Prolasers, 70 Lidar instruments with laser jammer detection, 50 D-Cams and 110 MVR and Digital Eyewitness instruments and have filed 35 patents with regard to law enforcement solutions.

Truvelo has successfully complied with type approval requirements for traffic law enforcement systems of the following establishments:
Brazilian INMETRO
British Home Office in conjunction with the PSDB
German PTB
The Netherlands NMI



Video courtesy of (http://bit.ly/1RFgmdS)