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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Cedar Rapids Iowa - How to buy Viagra in Pueblo Colorado


Portable, ultimate high intensity searchlight for disaster relief

The ALPHA-1 portable, ultimate high-intensity searchlight designed for long range illumination. The ALPHA-1 is specifically designed to handle like a rife-easy to comfortable.

Advanced Point

・High Power LED / light intensity : 2.7 million candela

・Long range illumination / reachable range : 1.5km

・Li-ferrite Battery – Compact size,High power out up / continuous illumination : 50 min

・Waterproof and Dust-proof property / IP66 class

・Portability-Easy to carry around / Total weight : 4.0kg

・Beam Divergence / Spot mode 2° – Flood mode 14°


・Night illumination in the disaster site

・Search-and-rescue operations at night sea and water

・Night illumination in the mountain area

・Inspection and maintenance for inside of shaft furnace

・Night guard patrol



Video courtesy of (