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Arpa, Equipment & military carriers

Buy Lyrica 75 mg - Buy Pregabalin online uk

Arpa, Equipment & military carriers

ARPA specialises in the design and manufacture of military, civil and health logistics, with over 40 years of experience.

Excellent production capacity

Up to 15 Logistics Containers simultaneously.

Separate areas

Production divided into separate areas according to the different processes, including the most advanced metal treatment and final paint coat booths.

Training rooms

Training rooms for the Operator and Maintenance Courses that we give.

Flexible production

To customise our products according to our customers’ precise requirements, thereby providing cutting-edge technical solutions.

Technical assistance service and spare parts warehouse

Exclusive and perfectly equipped areas where components remain during the entire lifetime of our products.

Permanent showroom

A permanent showroom, 4000 sqm showroom of our main products, including a field hospital.

Comprehensive quality control

With the strictest design and operational testing.


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