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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Boise Idaho, Buy Viagra with visa in Syracuse New York


D Dupleks is experienced designer and manufacturer of ammunition, offering innovative and high quality shotgun ammunition for hunting, military and law enforcement needs. Our ammunition designs are based on unique manufacturing technologies and material – steel.


History begins in 1983 when first prototype of steel slug encased in polyethylene is made. After a period of intensive research and testing, company was established and production launched in 2001.


D Dupleks is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. We are an experienced team of professionals in ammunition; we create new designs and technology concepts and develop them from an idea up to a patented and implemented result.

Patents and Certification

Our products are patented, CIP and ГОСТ certified for sales in Europe and Russian market. The military / LE product range has received NSN numbers for armament codification in NATO countries.


D Dupleks ammunition is distributed in Europe, Asia, US and CIS.

List of prducts

Monolit Hexolit Dupo Rossa D Dupleks Kaviar Supertarget



Video courtesy of (