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DOK-ING is a 100% privately owned Croatian company, established in the late 1991 and registered for the production of robotized and special purposes systems and equipment. The headquarters, production facilities and service are located at 15.000 square meters area in Zagreb, Croatia. The secondary production facilities are in Slunj, some 50 km south of Zagreb. Along with the branch office in USA, there is a company in South Africa, DOK-ING Africa, which supports the program for south African mines. Today DOK-ING has 220 employees, almost 170 being in Zagreb, another 30 in Slunj and up to 20 in South Africa.

During first period DOK-ING was actively engaged in demining activities and has gathered vast experience in different types of landmine clearance, on all types of terrain in the Republic of Croatia, as well as in the surrounding countries. This experience was the basis for designing and manufacturing the first remotely controlled demining systems, constructed exclusively for humanitarian demining. As those were upgraded, improved and enlarged, the company has been doing R&D projects with various international and domestic organizations, including Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport and State Maritime Institute (Brodarski institut), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb, and Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). The demining systems were at the same time sold to more than 20 countries worldwide, a number of government agencies and humanitarian organizations, as well as to commercial companies. Altogether, more than 250 light and medium size demining systems were produced so far.

Following the company’s motto „Don’t send a man to do a machine’s job“, the mining program has been started with an extra low profile equipment. After first products were tested, a new development phase has been going on and should deliver a completely new set of ultra low equipment very soon.

Trying to protect and secure people working in an extremely dangerous domain of firefighting, DOK-ING designed a multifunctional robotic system which would help them do the job and be safe at the same time. Following the instinct, the new development is reaching issues of hybrid drive and nuclear sector application.

And then, last but not least important, DOK-ING designed and manufactured the first Croatian urban electric car with excellent automotive performances.

Today DOK-ING, in a few words, by integrating its own innovations and new technologies, develops and manufactures special purpose systems to protect human lives in most dangerous environments, primarily in demining, mining and fire-fighting.

And moreover, investing in business excellence everyone at DOK-ING is trying to create good basis for enlargement of the innovative product range, ensuring the recognition of the company on the world market.