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FEREX 4.032 (API,DLG) – Foerster
► FEREX 4.032
► CODE: FEREX_4.032

Buy Lyrica from canada, Cheap trick lyrics

The FEREX 4.032 metal detector uses the fluxgate magnetometer principle to detect magnetic anomalies caused by ferromagnetic objects. Its primary use is to search for ERW buried deep in the ground. Under certain circumstances (for example, anti-vehicle mines covered by desert sand), the FEREX can successfully be used for mine detection. The detector replaces the FEREX 4.021, which was introduced in the mid-1990s.

Due to the tension band technology inside the Foerster magnetometer, the system is one of the most sensitive fluxgate magnetometers available. These probes are lifetime calibrated – even if used within a rough environment or within an extreme climate. The standard hand-held version “FEREX 4.032 API” indicates ferromagnetic objects a pointer instrument and sound. As it is a modular system, a simple exchange of the control box upgrades the unit to a FEREX 4.032 DLG (data logger). This detector combines the API features with an integrated four-channel data logger for scanning fields in order to evaluate the resulting map of magnetic anomalies on a standard PC.

The DATA2LINE software calculates, among other data, the exact position, depth or orientation of the scanned objects (see further description below).

The system is capable of fulfilling tasks such as underwater or borehole search. The high-end solution within this instrument family is a vehicle-based multichannel system (Foerster Multicat), supported by a differential global positioning system (GPS). In 2002, following customer feedback, the FEREX 4.032 was modified to minimise its length. Some smaller mechanical modifications have been undertaken to optimise handling. At the same time, the Dataline software was equipped with a bundle of optional features. New types of multi-probe-holder have been introduced. Foerster supplies FEREX in three versions: the API (with a classic pointer instrument) and the two data logger versions, DLG STD and DLG GPS Cartograph. The DLG GPS Cartograph is designed for connection to all conventional GPS with RTK (Real Time Kinematic) operational mode and laser positioning systems (Tachymeter Total Station).
Working characteristics

By detecting variations within the earth’s magnetic field, the FEREX indicates plus and minus poles of ferromagnetic objects. Geometry and strength of the detected poles enable the user to determine the location, depth and size of the object. In general, problematic soil types do not influence the results gained from this working principle.
Detectors in use to date

The FEREX 4.032 has been in service since 2000 and has been used in Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, UK, Uruguay, the US and Viet Nam.
Power supply

– As standard, the FEREX 4.032 is powered by four 1.5V D-cells.

– Rechargeable batteries are available on the open market.

– Sensitivity and detection quality are never influenced by battery condition.

– Operating time with one set of alkaline batteries reaches 60 hours (in intermittent operation) or 36 hours (data logger).
Factory support

– Spare parts are available exclusively from Foerster which has a network of representatives in more than 40 countries. Most offer complete after-sales service.

– Besides offering training on the customer’s site, Foerster provides modern test and training facilities in Reutlingen, Germany. A full training programme for trainers, including lessons on background knowledge and using a variety of training materials, is available in English and German. On request, training forms part of a purchasing package.

– Standard manuals and service documentation are available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Other languages available on request.
Maintenance and support

– The FEREX maintenance system is on two levels: basic field maintenance and workshop maintenance.

– The recommended number of workshops depends on the logistical set-up. The personnel for handling a workshop must have basic knowledge of mechanical and electronic repairs.

– Foerster offers supply of complete tool sets and testing equipment as well as service training. Fully equipped workshops with trained personnel can handle all repairs down to factory final assembly level.
Test and evaluation

Foerster performs tests within its own facilities mainly for research and quality control. The manufacturer states that tests are largely carried out under “real” conditions.

One test report is available under “Related Reports & Evaluations” in the right hand column:

1) A. M. El-Nadi, Experimental Cairo Testing and Evaluation of Mine and UXO Detectors, by Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt, published 2007.


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