KDH Defense Systems


KDH Defense Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of American-made custom solutions for body armor. Building on its legacy of innovative, market-leading ballistic technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense, the company designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance body armor for military, federal government and law enforcement agencies.

Focusing on consistent delivery of innovative, high-quality products that exceed customer expectations, KDH is a fully integrated manufacturer and a leading designer and supplier of superior quality military and law enforcement soft body armor. Years of advanced research, scientific development, technical precision, and manufacturing excellence are built into each one of our products. Relentless human engineering, the application of superior patented fabrication, and exceptional ballistic performance distinguishes body armor manufactured by KDH Defense Systems from all other armor manufacturers.



• Elite 

• CLK Female Concealable Vest 

• Uniform Shirt Carrier (USC) 

• Outer Patrol Carrier (OPC) 

• TRC Expanded 

• Firearms Instructor •FIRE/RESCUE/EMS Vest 

• First Responder Plate Carrier 

• Active Shooter Response Kit 

• ATPC – Standard 


• Magnum TAC-II Plate Carrier 

• ATPC-SPEAR System 


• Tactical Accessories 

• Mobile Defense Shield 

• Helmets 

• Speed Plate 

• USMC Improved Modular Tactical Vest (IMTV) 

• USMC Plate Carrier 

• SPCS – Soldier Plate Carrier System 

• IOTV III – Improved Outer Tactical Vest (Gen. III) 

• ATPC – SPEAR System 

• ATPC – Standard 


• CTRC – Concealable Tactical Response Carrier  

• Aegis Light Assault Vest 

• KDH CORELOADTM Management System