LiTak-Tak is dynamically developing company with the main purpose to provide supplies of air traffic control, radar equipment and surface-to-air missile systems. The company is based in Keturiasdesimt Totoriu village, Vilnius district, Lithuania. The production is manufactured in the newly build factory (up to 4500 sq.m.) equipped with the latest and innovative equipment and a modern laboratory.

LiTak-Tak is specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced radar data collection and processing systems for civil and defence markets ranging from sophisticated command posts for all types of armed forces to data recorders and simulators. Being incorporated and providing its activities in EU state and supplying equipment of own production LiTak-Tak keeps high standards of services provided and competitive price of equipment supplied.

The combination of decades of experience, modern technologies and world-recognized international standards has resulted in wide range of LiTak-Tak products.