MBT is one of the largest system integrators in Romania for large border, special areas, buildings and general security projects, providing design production and installation of Hi-Tech equipment with the following components:

  • Manufacturer of truck and container X ray / Gamma ray imaging systems (own patent and know-how)
  • Large Scale Integrated Border Security Projects – Main integrator for the Romanian Customs Border Security Integrated System with implementation on more than 2000 external European Union borders
  • Integrated Airport and Seaport Security Solutions
  • EDS (CT and multiview) for hold baggage screening
  • Conventional X-Ray equipment for baggage, parcel and cargo
  • Explosives and narcotics trace etection
  • Metal detectors for checkpoint security
  • Questioned document and forensic evidence examination
  • Contraband detectors
  • CBRN equipment
  • Complete counter-IED solutions
  • Computer-Based Training Software and inert IED for security operator training
  • Biometric identification and database administration
  • Video surveillance and traffic management system for border crossing points with automatic license plates recognition and automatic traffic flow management.

We have proven our professional capabilities also as a system integrator for IT solutions, providing case study, risk assessment, software development and hardware design, implementation, service, upgrade and maintenance services. Software development for all the provided applications and customized applications.

Based on our history of high-complexity system integration projects, our engineers will provide expert automation design and integration both for industrial application and customised security environments.

We value innovation and we have R&D activities in different partnerships and consortia.