MK Technologies was founded in 2010 to provide Infra Structure Solutions Provider in India, and has grown consistently since then. Today, we deliver a broad portfolio of total solutions and outsourcing services to our clients, in such areas as hardware, infrastructure cabling, networking, engineering, integrated services, customer care and on-demand logistical support services.

Our Approach & Strategy

From the outset, our Committed to Excellence slogan has highlighted M.K. Technologies commitment to providing quality products, solutions and services, while always enhancing the customer experience. We cover a wide range of market segments, including major shopping giants, government, corporate, education and hospitality.

To us, this means creating new ways to install products and solutions to keep us at the forefront of improvements in business models and customer service.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with our customers – maximizing the potential of our new – generation technologies through a combination of enhanced service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost – efficiency.

Vision & mission

At MK Technologies, we believe in improving the quality of life and aim to enhance productivity by creating a less complicated work environment.

Our clients’ business growth is our primary target and we strive to achieve that through providing tailored solutions and strategies, in addition to offering, developing, implementing, and supervising IT solutions and support.

Our highly experienced field team, partnerships with leading international companies, and strong regional presence all contribute to MK Technologies’s delivery of unique and successful turnkey projects.

To promote the understanding and application of total integrated solutions in facilities across the region maximizing productivity, reducing timescales and improving profit.