SECURITY not tolerate half-measures

The SSZ Equipment AG is an independent, leading in Switzerland development, service and sales company, which deals with the protection of people and materials against all kinds of external dangers and sees itself as a partner of professional customers. The SSZ Equipment AG is characterized by:

  • comprehensive, long-standing expertise built for safety equipment and use of clothing, particularly in the areas of ballistic, stab and beat protection;
  • intensive relationships and partnerships with major manufacturers of security products and special textiles and clothing manufacturers at home and abroad;
  • Flexibility and the ability to respond individually to customer needs;
  • excellent knowledge of the market, in particular the needs of customers in the Swiss market;
  • the ability to put in selected areas through research and development new levels of performance itself and to respond to specific customer needs;
  • full commitment to quality, integrity and reliability.

The result is tailored, high-quality services with an above-average value for the customer.

The SSZ Equipment AG builds skills, teamwork, flexibility and mandate responsibilities of employees and measures the performance of customer satisfaction, growth and profitability.

With the ISO 9001 certification, the SSZ Equipment AG has reached an important milestone in the ongoing improvement of the quality and the efficiency of their services. The collected in the building of quality management system experiences contribute to optimize our processes for the benefit of customers.Thus, the SSZ Equipment AG also made clear to the market the increased quality demands on their services.