Veragon V12 “Field Water Plant” stands as an alternative solution to the bottled water; ensuring a production of over 1,200 liters per day of chilled mineral water per day, is eliminated the need to purchase, transport, handling, storage and disposal it. Veragon Italy has developed a unique and super efficient solution: a true field water factory fully automated in just 2 square meters, which does not require dedicated or specialized staff.

The Veragon V12 “FWP” is an integrated solution that provides in a single machine the on-site generation of mineral water and packaging of it in bio-plastic bags (of different sizes), to allow the maximum exploitation of the resource produced (up to a maximum of 900 packs per hour). This new technological solution is the answer to the constant and expensive supplies of bottled water in mature and immature theaters, making the field (FBO) completely self-sufficient in terms of water, and saving millions of dollars.

Costs 1 cents of Dollars per liter

Volumes 2 pallets of bottled water; with its 1000kg weight and only 2m2 volume is the answer to the thousands of pallets of bottled water that Armies are used to purchase, handle, store, refrigerate and then dispose.